Best stabilization settings for GoPro HERO 10

As I have discussed in one of my earlier videos on GoPro HERO 10 the usage of too strong Hypersmooth stabilization (the native stabilization which you get inside the camera) can degrade the quality of the recorded video, especially when you use it in combination with some of the Digital Lenses, different than Wide and Superview.

That is why I decided to look for other external solutions for stabilization of video, such as the usage of 3rd party gimbal (since GoPro don’t produce gibmals) and stabilization in postproduction with 3rd party software, such as ReelSteadyGo, which is endorsed by GoPro themselves.

I have run a few field tests in order to compare the different solutions and to establish which is better:

  • in-camera stabilization with Hypersmooth
  • external hardware stabilization with a gimbal (in this case Feiyu WG2X)
  • post-processing with dedicated stabilization software such as ReelSteadyGo
  • or any combination of the methods mentioned above

Watch the video to see which method or combination fares better and for what shooting scenarios.

Here are the links, which you can use to buy Feiyu WG2X gimbal or ReelSteadyGo software.

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