2850 km by car, 85 km on foot, 10 days, 6 hotels, 11 cities

I will tell you about a different trip to Greece. Unlike the annual tour of Halkidiki in search of a slightly more secluded beach, a slightly calmer tavern and a slightly cheaper, but still affordable hotel. Because yes, Greece is mostly beaches, azure sea and great food, but it is also Greece of antiquity, Greece of Byzantium, dotted with decent-sized mountain ranges and isolated from civilization villages built of stone towers, frozen somewhere in the middle of the 19th century.

This is Greece, which I saw with a new look during my 10-day trip through Athens and the Peloponnese, and which I want to introduce to you in the following lines.

I decided to divide the text into days, locations and key events, so that it can be read not linearly, but in parts and indiscriminately – in reality, every day is a separate adventure. You can skip to each one via the links below.

Each of the photos in the text can be clicked and opened for better viewing in full screen. And to each of the cities there is a detailed gallery with all the photos, not just those accompanying the text. For convenience, I have put links to those places for food and accommodation, which I liked and which I would recommend to other travelers on this route. 

I hope you enjoy the trip.


Travelogues by days

Galleries by city

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