Sacred Rocks 1 - Golyam Tulpan (Big Tulip)


In this video, I will take you on a trip to to the rock sanctuary Goliam Tulpan or Big Tulip, located in the Rhodope mountains in South-East of Bulgaria, near the village of Drangovo, close to the Greece border.

The video is shot exclusively with GoPro HERO 10 and DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

After the village, you need to take to the left along the dirt road and drive as far as the conditions allow. Possibly the last 1-2 km you will need to move on foot and be careful as the road ends with a farm, where there are some free-roaming shepherd dogs.

However, if the shepherds are nearby one is relatively safe and even can get directions. From the farm to the sanctuary you have another 2 km, but on a steep hill and through a forest, so don’t expect to move too fast.

There is barbed wire along the path, which marks the border area, but it is missing in big parts, so I don’t think it is a huge problem if you cross from time to time.

The exact location of the sanctuary and the trail from the last goat farm at the end of the dirt road are shown on the map below.

Nearby is also the so-called Malak Tulpan, or Small Tulip, but I didn’t have time to visit it.

How to reach the place

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