Mongolia: Travels in an Untamed Land

Actually I have read this book AFTER I have returned from my Mongolian trip and it should have been the opposite. But after being there I was so overwhelmed with the information I obtained about the history of the country and its people, that I have decided I need to read more. (although I was prepared before my trip by reading 2 historical books from this list).

The book is an excellent mixture of history, details on cultural specifics and traditions, travel notes, interviews and personal experience. Despite having visited the country already, I learned from this book so much more and my experience became even richer.

If you read it before going to Mongolia, you will be fully prepared to embrace the beauty of this immense and still wild place.

Most probably you will aslo be quite motivated to visit Siberia and China, as they are quite extensively covered in the book, as Mongolia’s history is closely linked with the history of its gigantic neighbours.

More details about the book from Amazon:

“In the heart of Asia lies the enormous and once forgotten land of the Mongols. For seventy years, they were shut behind the borders of a secretive and murderous communist state. Then in 1990, communism collapsed and the door suddenly opened.

Jasper Becker, one of the first to cross the border, found himself in a land of bloody conquerors, of wandering tribes, of prophets, shamans and mystic kings. Lamas, nuns, politicians, scientists, prisoners, herders and hunters were at last free to pour out their stories of stories of genocide and political and religious cultural destruction.

But as the author roams the country, he finds a country awakening to new hopes and dreams. “

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Mongolia: Travels in an Untamed Land