Web Resources about Bulgarian Megaliths

In this section you will find various websites and other resoureces, related to the megaliths in Bulgaria. Hopefully it will grow and expand in time.


This website is the homepage of the Balkans Megaliths’ Project, founded by Lyubomir Tsonev and Dimitar Kolev. For me at the moment this is the most reliable source of scientific information, regarding the megalithic structures in Bulgaria. Lybomir Tsonev is author of books and monographies, dedicated to the subject and most archeologists in Bulgaria should be ashamed that the leading expert in megaliths is an engineer and not an archeologist. On the website you will find an extensive database regarding the dolmens, menhirs, cromlehs, stone circles, quasi-megalithic tombs,  cystic graves and cyclopean walls in Bulgaria and similar objects in Greece and Turkey.

Each site is described in details, supplemented with maps. GPS coordinates, photos and literature sources.

You will find also L. Tsonev book “Megaliths in Bulgaria” as well as his photo expo, dedicated to his research.


This website is the most extensive database of megaliths, old fortresses, sanctuaries and other sacred places in Bulgaria. I was not able to find information about the author, who is writing under the alias of Marko Totev, but this guy is a machine. He has covered hundreds of sites all over Bulgaria and each place is described in details, accompanied by a lot of photos and sometimes videos, including by a drone from the air and also literature sources. 

On this website you will find sites, which are not listed anywhere else. And best of all – there are GPS coordinates for each site.

The other web project by the same author is https://bulgariansanctuaries.com/


This personal blog contains very interesting travelogues regarding several  megalithic complexes and sanctuaries in Bulgaria,  described in an engaging way and accompanied by photos and some directions about the location, but without detailed GPS coordinates.


This Facebook group is dedicated to interesting rocks, megaliths and natural phenomena. The group members are constantly contributing photos and videos of very interesting sites, so it is worth joining the group.