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I dedicate this series of travelogues, videos, photo galleries, external articles and books, as well as all other useful resources in the network of the most unjustified historical monuments in our lands – megaliths and related rock shrines, rites, mediaeval cemeteries and churches.

Unlike other parts of the world, the megaliths in Bulgaria are completely ignored by science and the state, neglected by the mass tourist and patriot, left at the mercy of natural disasters, vegetation, treasure hunters and ordinary vandals.

Although human stone creations have proven to be the most durable artificial structures and have survived for thousands of years, megalithic monuments in Bulgaria are slowly but surely disappearing. This is what Shkorpil spoke about at the beginning of the last century, when he catalogued and described the dolmens and menhirs in Eastern Bulgaria (the region of Pliska and in Strandzha-Sakar). This process continues today.

I do not know why archaeology in Bulgaria shuns these historical monuments. Most articles, materials, projects for cataloguing and describing megaliths in Bulgaria and even books on the subject are the result of the efforts of other specialists – e.g. Astronomers, Physicists (such as Lubomir Tsonev), journalists. And it is good that there are other specialists dedicated to the cause who are ashamed of Bulgarian archeology and its lack of interest in megalithic monuments.