The Year of Living Danishly

When I got the book I was mildly aware that this will be a witty and sharp account of the author’s 1 year living in Denmark, because her boyfriend was reallocated¬† to work there. What I was not prepared was me layghing out loud in the car, while listening to the Audiobook.

Denmark is a peculiar country and so are the Danes. I have visited shortly Copehnagen on a cruise trip through several Nordic countries, but I succeded only to catch a glimpse of the country.

So this book caught me off guard with the listing of all the awkward and unusual things one can encounter while living in a small Danish town over a year as the author Hellen Russel does.

There are so many unusual habits and ways in Denmark, that you are almost ready to forget that this country is situated in Europe (and believe me I come from a country which has its own load of awkwardness).

The book is split in chapters, each corresponding to a month of the year, so it is really easy to choose when to go in order to observe on your own some of the things, described in the book.

Hellen Russel sets a very balanced tone throughout the book, so you cannot decide whether she is pro or con about the life in Denmark after a year spent there – it is left to the reader to decide. But judgung by the fact she has written 2 more books about Denmark and lives now permanently in Denmark, she must like it there.

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The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country